Relaxation Hypnosis and Meditation Audios for Women

Ready to RELAX? Aluna Moon Publishing is dedicated especially to women; creating self hypnosis and meditation recordings to help women to heal, be mindful, de-stress and relax, find their true selves and develop a loving and nurturing relationship with themselves. Nicola Haslett and Samantha Redgrave-Hogg, founders of Aluna Moon Publishing, feel extremely passionate about helping and guiding Women to reach their full potential and be all they can be.

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What is our biggest fear ladies? Is it that that we could quite possibly be completely, utterly and absolutely brilliant? How do you feel about that? Perhaps you feel great about that, or perhaps you feel resistant, perhaps you are dismissive…. perhaps you believe that’s not me and could never be me…… well we know…. you are TRULY AMAZING!

We believe you are all born with an inherent wisdom, greatness, uniqueness and sparkle that sometimes life undoes. Wanna get that back again and stop putting yourself at the bottom of the pile? Well we want to be here for you and all women, to be true again and find total peace, rest and relaxation in this busy world.

We record and produce a variety of relaxation hypnosis meditation apps and audios available on the App Store, Google Play, Audible, Storytel, iTunes, Amazon and all major retailers for many of the issues women face, including stress, anxiety, body image issues, difficulties sleeping, health related disorders, fertility:hypno-fertility, childbirth:hypnobirthing, authentic living and more. We want to look out for other women so join us in our quest for an abundant, truthful and peaceful existence.

The Gossip

Here is what some of you lovely ladies have to say about out recordings…

So far I have only used it (calm childbirth) once (before bed) and I had the most amazing dreams about pregnancy and childbirth! I woke up feeling happy, positive and excited about my pregnancy.
S Baries

Great app, listened just before bed and slept really well. Still feeling relaxed the next day! Helen MP

They are fantastic. They enable me to do something daily that is easy, relaxing, makes me feel good and helps to reprogram some not-so-helpful beliefs. I totally recommend them to anyone who wants to give this a go. Green Girl Mel, Brisbane.

…a highly valued piece of the jigsaw puzzle of my recovery. I would recommend this (Free ME) to anyone with ME/CFS. E.Tierney, UK

‘Best I Have Used!’ App store review 2015

Amazing’ App Store Review 2014

Awesome’ App Store Review 2014

Fantastic Meditation’ App Store review 2014

Sleepin’ Beauty’ App Store Review 2014

It Really Does Work!’ App Store Review 2014

So fabulous. I love this so much I use it every night never slept better 😀 Redvinez, USA

These girls apps are great. Soothing, relaxing and changes my mood for the better. And it has helped my insomnia a little too! RaverG 2015 App Store Review

I have had ME for 18 months. This is a great App for me :) It’s simple to use, there isn’t loads of written info to read (which I really struggle with) and I find the sessions really calming. It is clear that this has been created by people who have a thorough understanding of ME and I would highly recommend it to other people with ME, by E L App Store Review 2016

This is such a great App! Perfect for the busy mum – just take 10 minutes out to re-charge and you are good to get going again – really helped me recently through a tricky family trauma too – thank you Aluna Moon! by LucyTippsy 2016 App Store Review

No matter how much memory my phone runs out of – i can never delete this app – it has been such a life saver when I get too stressed – it just works! Don’t ask me how. It is just there for me when i need it – perfect by LucyTippsy 2016 App Store Review

N.B our previous publishing name was Isis Blu but due to negative connotations in relation to the name Isis we changed our name to the fabulous Aluna Moon!