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Get Out of the Way ;-)

Get out of the frigging way!

Haha it’s not as rude as it sounds… but I thought I’d set the intention of our first every blog post to be as direct as possible. Why?… because we want you reach your authentic self in the quickest way possible, and the only way to do that is to tell your false self, or your little self, to get out of the way!

The little you, the little us, is the only thing stopping us all from living a true, deeply rewarding and authentic existence. The little self is consumed with the how’s and the whys and the what ifs. It’s the part that tries to compare or compete; constantly trying to match up with those around us. It’s the part of us that tries to control, persuade, manipulate, manage and therefore completely prevents the process of allowing. The true self is the part of us that knows in a very deep, intelligent and spiritual sense that life will naturally unfold in the most magnificent way imaginable.

What has stopped us so far us from stepping into our light and living our truth so far? Put it simply: conditioning! We were all born with a wonderful intelligence, connectedness and brilliance, which for most of us got stamped on, flattened, or perhaps well…. just not nurtured enough.  When we don’t feel connected with our true amazing spirit, we can feel unwell, anxious, fearful and most of all lost in the past or the future… anxious about what has been and fearful of what might be.

So how do we rediscover this brilliance… how do we come home to our truth? Well, we have to be very mindful of our self-talk for starters, we also have to be aware of the dramas and stories of the false self and separate ourselves from them, we have to go deep into ourselves and work out what stops us from letting go, we have to promise ourselves to take that big leap over the precipice and when you do, trust that there is no going back. It’s really the point of no return.

We have come across so many women living in the false self, including us! Nicola and I were very guilty of getting sucked into the very alluring ego, and our journey over the bridge to true self paradise, is what inspired us to create our new app 7 Days to Finding Your True Self. We really want you to join the party ladies because it will be the awesome one you’ve ever been to and you won’t ever ever wanna leave. So what are you waiting for?

Much love and light to all you beautiful women with wings.

Sam xSilhouette of a girl on the meadow