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bigstock-Beautiful-pregnant-woman-relax-34971539Why are my car keys in the fridge? A bad case of baby brain during pregnancy! Pregnancy Blog

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently 22 (or is it 23 weeks?) pregnant and am having the worst case of baby brain known to man. I’m missing appointments, forgetting things, calling people by the wrong names, losing EVERYTHING and feel incapable of stringing together a simple sentence. To be honest even writing this blog is taking it out of me. I had to eat 19 pieces of toast to gear myself up for such an intense cognitive task. Having a 2 year old doesn’t help strengthen those all important neural pathways as I spend 11 hours a day talking with Poppy’s Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy dollies (sorry to anyone not from the UK who isn’t familiar with ‘In The Night Garden’ 😉 So as to not lose all my clients, friends and husband….well clients and friends…. my enormous bump and I decided to take it upon ourselves to find out why I’m such a little scatterbrain. The answer made me feel much better… it’s to make me a good mother! According to a psychologist in California, due to fluctuations in hormones and fetal movements, pregnant women can experience absent mindedness but it means they will be able to concentrate more effectively on the newborn’s needs after the birth. ! Phew, forgetting I took my child to the supermarket yet again is only to make me a better mummy in the long run. Only joking  I just thought I would reassure any pregnant women out there who are also feeling as woolly headed as I am that it’s perfectly normal. My advice is not to give yourself a hard time but have a giggle at the silly things you do and go with the flow. After all it’s such a precious time and your baby will appreciate you being a bit relaxed and dreamy. So the next time you find your car keys in the fridge you can have a right old chuckle and look forward to doing even sillier things when your newborn baby likes to come alive at 2am every morning 😉
Lots of love to all you expectant mothers.
Sam and bump x

When life gives you lemons, grab some Tequila and Salt! (or maybe just make some lemonade)

We’ve all had those days when things just don’t seem to go our way. You wake up late, miss your train, work’s a nightmare, you get home late, there’s nothing to cook for dinner and the kids are screaming…you get my point!!! But is there a point where we can turn things around? Well yes, I believe so!

The law of attraction states that what we think about, we bring about. What we focus on, we manifest in our outer world. So when something goes ‘wrong’, your reaction to that situation and the emotion and energy you put into it is creating the rest of your day and actually the rest of your life.

Now of course it’s only natural when something isn’t flowing for us, to initially become frustrated, angry or upset…BUT if you can take a step back and look at the situation from a different angle, I bet you would feel a whole lot better and you wouldn’t carry that frustrated energy around with you throughout the rest of your day! Perhaps easier said than done you think?

Well, it’s all about perception. No THING can actually make you feel negative, but rather your perception of that situation or experience that can spark off the emotion. So let’s say you’re stuck in traffic; one person may go into a rage and spend the whole time in traffic feeling angry and then the rest of their day feeling miserable. Another person may initially feel irritated by the situation, but then take a step back from it and decide to make the most of it by putting on the radio and having a sing-along or calling a friend for a catch up (hands free of course!) or just simply BEING. It’s all about how you CHOOSE to look at the situation. You may not be able to change what’s happened, but you can definitely change your perception of it.

If you’re finding it difficult to put this into practice just ask yourself “is this really going to matter in a week’s time? A year’s time? 5 years? 10 years?” Most things probably won’t. The majority of things we worry about never even happen and the majority of things we feel stressed about really aren’t that important, yet we seem to waste so much time and energy on them.

Life is full of ups and downs and there will obviously be times when you find yourself in a situation that is genuinely upsetting or difficult to deal with, BUT learn to let the little things go, enjoy life and spend more time in the present and not only will you generally feel a whole lot happier and much more relaxed, but you’ll feel so much stronger when you are faced with a real challenge.

If you find yourself feeling regularly stressed out, it’s so important to take some steps right now to bring down those stress levels. You could meditate daily, listen to a self hypnosis recording, practice Yoga or just simply begin by taking half an hour EVERY day to just simply BE. You don’t need to hurry through life, your life is special and important and the more relaxed you feel on the inside, the more easily things will flow on the outside.

So relax, let go of the little things and enjoy life!

With lots of love and blessings to you, my beautiful Soul Sisters! Nicola xxx



Panamania! A spiritual healing retreat :-)

So I am writing this blog from a wonderful place near the Volcano Baru in Panama… and it’s such an amazing and high energy place that I felt inspired to talk a little bit about my journey and why I have travelled across the world to be here. I was extremely privileged to be invited here for an intensive (and I mean innntteeeennssseee!) week of spiritual transformation… and it really has been a life changing week.

I chose to leave my family (which was extremely hard!) to be here at this small retreat in the Americas so that I could receive amazing energetic clearing and healing. This has really allowed my luminous body to be free from all the gunk I had been carrying around since childhood in a very significant way. My teachers in this process are deeply spiritual men and women working within the shamanic arts, who dedicate their lives to the divine and creating a harmonious internal world. The process has involved one-on-one chakra cleansing sessions and evening ceremonies lasting about 4 hours, in which intense clearing takes place, as well and some awesome chanting, meditations and teachings from the wise souls here. Am aware it might all sound a bit hippy dippy to some of you but it really does seem to work haha.

What am I learning…. I am now deeply aware of intention in life, what the divine really means, when darker energies are at work, how to be silent and how to access the amazing inner resources I already have… as we all have. We all have access to a divine intelligence, which our souls came into this life with, but got lost along the way… mostly through parental and societal conditioning.

I’ve got Panama mad and hope to return at some point in the future and would encourage you all if possible to look into reputable sources of energy medicine and the shamanic arts. It even inspired me to write a new app Divine Healing, into which I poured so much love and positive energy. Nicola, my fellow Isis Bluing, came here last year and also experienced a transformative time. She plans to return soon so I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about this special place at some point.

For now, as always, much love and light.


Sam xbigstock--smell-of-summer--30579713