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Calm Childbirth! Are you or any of your friends expecting? Here are our top tips :-)

bigstock-Beautiful-pregnant-woman-relax-34971539Welcome! Congratulations if you are already expecting!! Being pregnant and giving birth can be a truly magical and powerful experience, so here are our top ten tips to help you or your friend along a little! Remember this though… everyone has inherent wisdom and knowledge already to have a calm childbirth, aren’t you amazing?! Our calm childbirth hypnobirthing audio can be found on the App Store, i tunes, website and all major online retailers if you fancy a great bit of relaxation, woo

1)      Learn the art of self -hypnosis. Our Calm Childbirth hypnosis audio teaches you to feel more calm, centred and in control during your pregnancy and labour through powerful visualisations, positive affirmations and relaxation techniques. Hypnotherapy has wonderful therapeutic benefits and can shorten the length of labour, reduce the need for drugs or intervention, promote lactation, help you enhance positive feelings about childbirth and increase the bond between you and your baby. So get practicing for the most wonderful day of your life!

2)      Trust in your body. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time without drugs or intervention.  Caesarean births are much higher than they should be and there is still a tendency for women to give birth lying on their back within our hospitals. Your body and your baby will tell you what to do so just trust your natural instincts, this may involve: moving around; being in a place with dim lighting; immersing yourself in water or giving birth vertically rather than horizontally.

3)      Surround yourself with the right people. It would be a great idea if you found a midwife that is either supportive of hypnobirthing or even does it themselves. You also have the option of hiring a doula, who will help you through the discomfort and act of your behalf when it comes to interacting with medical professionals. If neither of these options is possible then definitely choose a birthing partner who will support and comfort you at every stage of your experience.

4)      Choose a healthy diet. Cutting out refined foods and sugars will increase your energy and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and swelling. It will also keep you fit and healthy for both your pregnancy and birth.

5)      Sign up for prenatal yoga. You could check out your local classes or buy a DVD and practice from home. I would recommend Tara Lee’s Pregnancy Health DVD and found this to be very helpful and accessible. Yoga can help you control your breathing, open your hips for childbirth, improve strength and flexibility and relieve aches and pains. Your local hospital may also run free physiotherapy classes where they can teach you the correct posture during pregnancy and help you avoid back pain and sciatica.

6)      Explore complementary therapies like pregnancy reflexology, acupuncture or homeopathy. These may help relieve any anxiety, reduce discomfort, reduce the length of time in labour, help the baby arrive on time and increase overall wellbeing.

7)      Start to connect with your baby. Talking to your baby can help strengthen your bond on a deep level and help he or she get to know your voice. You can talk to your little one about your plans for the day, how you feel about meeting them for the first time, play little games, say ‘I love you’ and massage your belly.

8)      Write a birth plan. This not only helps your midwife know your requirements but helps you set your intention for a smooth childbirth and enhances your visualisation skills as to what you want to happen on the day.

9)      Start making friends now. You can join free birthing classes at your hospital or find an independent birth preparation course during your pregnancy, which will help you find support and form friendships for when the baby is born.

10)   Keep an open mind. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and intervention or drugs are necessary. If you are finding it difficult or too overwhelming then actually certain drugs like the epidural can allow the pelvis to relax and do its job more effectively by relieving any discomfort so the baby can descend more easily.  Whatever happens, having a healthy baby in your arms in the most important and awesome part of it all!