About Nic & Sam

We are Samantha Redgrave-Hogg and Nicola Haslett, the two women behind Aluna Moon Publishing, and LOVE what we do!

After meeting for the first time, we felt instantly connected with each other and knew from very early on that we were meant to embark on a very special path together. The path is to awaken and hold space for women to step into their light and live a truly wonderful, peaceful and authentic life.

We both had to do some serious work on ourselves before we knew we could help people in this way. Unsurprisingly we both experienced similar life events before meeting, both suffering from the debilitating illness Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Due to our inauthentic and stressful ways of looking at both the outside world and our internal selves, we both became extremely unwell and at times totally bedbound.

How did we reach total health and happiness? Well we had to look at the negative ways we were treating ourselves, change the negative internal dialogue, discover ways to deeply relax and accept or inherent truth and wonderfulness.

So what was the most obvious decision but to help other women do the same: feel totally harmonious and worthy? So we decided to go global, using both our years of research within the consulting room as hypnotherapists and our personal experiences to record and produce hypnosis and coaching audio downloads for women across the world. We plan to have a recording out there for pretty much every woman and have made a good head start, including apps and audios for Stress Relief, Relaxation, a Calm Childbirth, a Positive Body Image, Peaceful Sleep, Female Fertility, Divine Healing, CFS/ME, Authentic living and Mindfulness, available on the app store, i tunes and all major online retailers.

Now we practice what we preach. Sam is a mother to two beautiful children Poppy and Elliot and Nicola has recently had her first baby Eden so we are pretty busy ladies. We understand what its like living in this busy modern day society; however we always make time for ourselves and connect with what is truly important in life.

So what are you waiting for, join our beautiful circle of women with wings and step into the light.