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Get Real…. and Find your True Self




Hello again beautiful Aluna Moon community.

I am wondering if we can ourselves the question… what is the difference between the true and false self?

For me the false self is the bit of us that compares, contrasts, feels less than, more than, doubtful, fearful, resentful and well so much more. Imagine letting go of the busyness, chatter and noise of the ego or the false self? The true self is where true aliveness, joy, wonderment and presence is felt. It is in the here and now and feels truly amazing.

So many of us have been poorly conditioned by others and the world around us, which has caused us to become disconnected from who we really are. Instead of being true to ourselves and connected to the here and now, we try to please everybody else and be who we think we ‘should’ be, instead of who we are designed to be. In doing so we get lost in our egoic mind, which can lead to poor self-esteem, lack of confidence, panic, anxiety and a general feeling of lethargy and unhappiness.

So let’s go about rediscovering your magnificent diamond nature within and creating a truly authentic life filled with joy and happiness.


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Be Happy NOW!





Nicola and I have been wondering about what it means to be truly happy of late… what does it mean to you? We have been contemplating, chatting about, struggling with and connecting to the power of the moment and how really this is all we have and how true happiness can be felt. Fun.. pride.. better than..less than…achievements…appearance… all belong to the ego or the false self. The busy mind that is always doing or wanting or needing or acquiring doesn’t always allow a sense or joy, beingness, wonderment or true happiness to enter our body and soul. We can get stuck in the sadness or disappointment with the past and too hung up on what needs to happen in the future to obtain HAPPY. Maybe the truth of happiness is felt right now, right at this very moment…

Be Happy NOW from Aluna Moon is available to download NOW for free… help us spread the word of the meaning of true happiness.

Sat Nam x


Sleep Well NOW

Hello everyone!

In celebration of our brand new app Sleep Well NOW, which is free on the App Store to download NOW!

we have created a few tips for anyone out there struggling to sleep deeply at night.



Be Present

Mindfulness is a wonderful way to calm a busy mind both throughout the day and before we go to sleep at night. Becoming fully present in ourselves instead of getting swept up with mind chatter can really help us feel calm, peaceful and centred. This will allow our mind and bodies to drift off easily into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Change your habits

Your mind may be expecting not to switch off if you have had insomnia for a while so make a few changes before going to sleep at night. Try taking a bath or meditating in the evening or before you go to sleep at night.

If you always go to bed at the same time, try going a little earlier. We sleep in cycles, with a pattern of deep sleep and REM. This means that even just ten minutes could change and improve your sleep pattern dramatically. Turn off technology at least an hour before bed, avoid eating late at night, caffeine and alcohol too if possible.

Deep Body Relaxation

When you are lying down in bed and ready for sleep, tell yourself silently that you are going to use meditation to go to sleep. Relax each muscle in the body one by one and feel how great it is to be fully relaxed. When your body is relaxed this sends a signal to your brain that its ok to relax too. You can also use some affirmations to sleep soundly at night, for example…

I sleep peacefully and easily at night

All worries will be resolved in my dreams so I wake up refreshed and ready to start my day

I am calm and I come back to the present moment

I love to sleep

When you say these affirmations, silently or out loud, imagine every part of you absorbing the phrases.

Wishing you a beautiful sleep!

Sat nam x

New Year Resolutions





A new year… a new start? Perhaps some of us said that to ourselves this January. Well in some ways it is true… 2017 in numerology means the year of 1 which represents renewal, change, realising dreams and potential and expressing our creative instincts. A ‘one’ year from a numerological point of view is a wonderful time to step forward, use our leadership skills, uniqueness and talents for the greater good so in that sense making new year resolutions works well for this year. But what we can find ourselves doing is repeating to ourselves… ‘as soon as the new year starts I will get fit, eat healthily, find ways to reduce my stress etc etc’ which are wonderful things but after a few weeks we find we may lose motivation and ‘will power’. Maybe what we need to do throughout the entire year; each month, each week, each day, each hour, each moment is be present with our selves, our needs, our bodies, our minds. Instead of charging ourselves up a the beginning of the year we can be mindful, conscious and focused throughout the year which may then naturally lead to better health, vitality and a deeper sense of rest and peace.
Silhouette of a girl on the meadow

Wishing you much peace, presence and energy throughout 2017!

Sat nam

Sam xxx

Nurturing the Gift of Sensitivity in our Children and Ourselves: Gentle Parenting

Nurturing the Gift of Sensitivity in Ourselves and our Children by Nicola Haslett

Mama Me Time

Mama Me Time

Sensitivity is a beautiful gift. It allows us to feel things deeply and experience life fully. If you are a sensitive soul you may feel as though you don’t fit in or you might have difficulty making friends. Perhaps you seem to have taken on the role of agony aunt, or maybe it was placed upon you because others were naturally drawn to your kind and caring nature and therefore find it easy to talk to you. As sensitive souls we are naturally empathic and nurturing and therefore we make great healers and wonderful parents, but in a world that unfortunately doesn’t always support this sensitivity it’s very important to look after ourselves if we are to remain balanced.

When we become parents we naturally become more sensitive because it awakens something deeper within us. We have a little person to look after and it’s not uncommon to feel as though you become one entity; sharing the pain and pleasure that your child experiences. This beautiful connection opens us up to new depths and it’s not uncommon to become more emotional as our heart chakra is more activated than ever before. There’s nothing like the unconditional love you feel for your child to bring you into your heart centre!

If you are a sensitive parent, then the chances are that your children will be sensitive too. These beautiful new souls that are choosing to incarnate now are carefully selecting parents who can understand and support their sensitivity. These children are here to move us all forward into a more harmonious time energetically and they come into this life with a special and powerful purpose. What they need from us is not only an understanding of what it’s like being sensitive, but the tools to help them deal with this.

Unfortunately, there are many things in the world today that can dampen our children’s sensitivity. Modern day schooling, conditioning from television and outside influences, poor diets, lack of playtime outside, spending too much time on computers and too little time on spiritual pursuits can all cause our children to disconnect from their true sensitivity. Boys are taught not to cry or feel too deeply, girls are taught they need to be quiet and act ‘ladylike’. But it is the young boy who is connected to his emotions that grows into a powerful man who cares enough about our planet to want to change it for the better. It is the young girl who has a warrior like spirit who will grow into a fierce, powerful woman who has the confidence to stand up for what she believes in and not be afraid to use her voice. We need leaders, not followers!

Your children have chosen you because you have the wisdom to give them what they need. Life isn’t always easy for a sensitive soul; there can be many challenges along the way, but you can make the ride a whole lot easier for your children and ensure they have everything they need to stay connected to their true, authentic selves. What a gift!

So what do your children need? Here are my top 5 tips to help nurture both yourself and your sensitive children.

  1. Look after your Body

Your body really is a sacred temple and everything you put into it will have an effect on you, not just on a physical level but emotionally and mentally too. Unfortunately most food we consume today is really not food at all, but a collection of chemicals, additives and nasties that don’t give our bodies what they need. The biggest culprits are sugar, MSG, pesticides and various different artificial colourings and flavours. When you fuel your body with fresh, organic food it thrives. Our bodies know how to heal themselves and remain healthy but they do need us to create the right inner environment. This is especially important for children. The vast majority of your children’s diet should be fresh, organic and highly nutritious. It is also good to note that many children are developing food intolerances; the sensitive children especially. I highly recommend visiting a Naturopath who can perform non-invasive tests to see if your child has intolerances to things such as gluten, dairy and yeast. The symptoms aren’t always obvious but can include difficulties sleeping/disturbed sleep, night terrors, hyperactivity and restlessness amongst the obvious digestion problems. Everything we eat also holds an energy and therefore eating clean, simple foods in their natural state will give you and your children everything you need.


  1. Clear your Energy

We are all energetic beings and as we go through our day we can pick up foreign energies from other people and places. If we don’t take time regularly to clear our energy and cleanse our aura (the energy field that surrounds our body) then we can feel sluggish, emotional and just not quite ourselves. Once again, if you are sensitive then you will be very susceptible to this. Have you ever been around somebody who is sad or angry and then found yourself feeling this way too after visiting them? As an empathic person it’s very easy to take on these emotions, but to remain in balance it’s very important to clear yourself regularly.

So how do we cleanse our energy? Crystal Aura Sprays are a really easy way to cleanse both you and your children. There are many on the market today and you simply spray once above the top of your head and all around your home, allowing the essential oils and crystal particles to work their magic. Epsom Salt baths are also a really easy option for children. Simply pop a handful of Epsom salts in the bath and soak for 20-30 minutes. You can also visualise (or talk your children through) a white light meditation by imagining a pure, white light entering the body through the top of the head and as it flows down the body you can imagine the stress, tension and negative energy melting away until you are nothing less than a beautiful ball of pure white light. Imagine the white light expanding out into the aura and this will have a wonderful cleansing affect. This is also good if your child is struggling with a difficult emotion such as anger.


  1. Express Yourself

When you are a sensitive soul, you feel emotions very deeply. When you’re happy you feel ecstatic but when you’re down you can feel terrible. Often, it can feel as though you’re riding a rollercoaster. Others may view you as moody or unpredictable but you simply need to bring your emotions into balance by expressing them in a healthy way. Do you like to write? Sing? Dance? Draw? Paint? Do something creative and it will help you to release any built up emotion and bring some clarity and calm. Children are naturally very creative and it’s a great idea to really encourage this in them. Yes, it can be messy with paint everywhere. Yes, it can be loud when they’re singing BUT this is a wonderful way for them to let off steam and to express how they feel. Remember, children can’t always verbalise how they feel but they will usually be able to express their feelings in other ways. If your children prefer to tell you how they feel however then this is wonderful and you can enjoy special chats at the end of each day, giving them the chance to offload before they go to sleep.


  1. Create a calm environment

Your home should be the place where you feel at your most calm, safe and secure. For sensitives, this is especially important. Your home should be a reflection of how you want to feel on the inside. Use calming and soothing colours, place crystals around the home to create a nice energy, light candles and incense and play beautiful music. Your children could also have their own corner somewhere or their own little den under the bed where you can allow them to create their own sacred space with all their favourite things. When the world is too much to bear, we need a quiet, loving place to come back to.


  1. Take regular time to relax

Life is busy, but for sensitives it’s so important to take regular timeout otherwise you may suffer from physical, mental and emotional forms of stress. Self-Hypnosis and Meditation is such an easy way to give yourself this time you need and it’s also great for children! There are many meditations on the market for children and as a Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher and mother myself I am a firm believer in the power of this. Most children are very happy to lay back in bed listening to a guided meditation, as long as you find one that they enjoy. For mums out there, I have created several free meditation apps and self-hypnosis recordings especially for women so why not promise yourself some time each day to relax and see how good you can really feel.


Always remember that your sensitivity is a beautiful God given gift and should be nurtured and treated as such…With love and light to my fellow sensitives.


You can find out more about Nicola’s self-hypnosis recordings at or view the selection of free Apps here:


Be Fabulous Darling!

Here are our top ten ways to INNER FABULOUSNESS!!

1)      Positive self-talk. Listen to the way you are speaking to yourself: is it kind or harsh? Would bigstock--smell-of-summer--30579713you speak to a friend in this way? Endeavour to be as loving towards yourself as when you feel good about yourself you will naturally look great.

2)      Find time to relax and let go. Meditation and self- hypnosis are wonderful forms of relaxation and will refresh and relax your entire being.

3)      Value your unique qualities, work out what makes you truly you and don’t be afraid to show your true self to the world.

4)      Forget perfection, it doesn’t actually exist! It can’t do as people’s assumptions of you are always based on their model of world and their insecurities and have little to do with you anyway.

5)      Never compare- you are good enough and there is only one YOU.

6)      Treat your body well and do nice things for it. Your body and mind are not separate entities but one and the same so maintain both to the best of your ability and listen to the important messages it has for you.

7)      What makes your heart sing? When we work out what our soul purpose is and do what we enjoy, we let go of stress easily and embrace those challenges that life brings.

8)      Live in the moment. Anxiety and fear exist only in the past or in the future. Right now there is nothing to worry about so enjoy it.

9)      You are nothing but love. The fact you are here is a total miracle so appreciate your magnificence and embrace those imperfections. When love yourself unconditionally you will feel complete in every way.

10)   You are pure potential. What you learnt growing up is not who you are nor was it personal, it was just part of your early journey. Visualise how you want your life to be every day in big bright colours and connect with the feeling of having achieved this bliss. If you can see it, you can be it.

New Born… the first few weeks

Life with a Newborn: The first month

By Nicola Haslett




The moment you meet your baby for the first time is nothing less than truly magical. After 9 months of pregnancy you finally get to see that precious little being that’s been living inside of you and it’s an experience you will never forget. You can feel joyous and euphoric, exhausted and overwhelmed and anything and everything in between.

I am sitting writing this with my 3 and a half week old baby boy attached to me in a sling and would love to share with you my tips on how to enjoy the first month and how to overcome any challenges you might be facing. I have settled into motherhood well, but just like every other new mum I have found some days extremely challenging and I would love to share with you what has helped me to survive those days that I felt were going to send me over the edge!

Here are my top 10 tips for getting through the first month:

1) Get Support

I cannot stress to you just how important it is to have a strong support system around you! When you’re tired and emotional you can start to feel very alone, so having others to support and encourage you through the difficult times is priceless. This support system can be made up of your partner, family, friends, midwife and also online resources. I have found some excellent online communities for new mums that have helped me beyond words. At the click of a button I’ve received comforting words of advice from other more experienced mums and simply chatting to other mums who are going through exactly the same thing has made me realise that what I feel is completely normal. Also having people around you to remind you that you’re doing a great job can really give you a boost and help you to feel more confident as you settle into motherhood.


2) Be gentle with yourself

You’ve just had a baby, you’ve been through an intense physical experience and now you’re trying to work out how to look after a newborn, as well as trying to establish breastfeeding and do all of this with very little sleep. So why do so many women, myself included, put so much pressure on themselves to be a superwoman during this time?! I’ve felt like a failure because I don’t know why my baby is crying. I’ve felt guilty for feeling sad and blue when I should surely be feeling happy all of the time. I’ve sacrificed opportunities to sleep because the house needed cleaning and I was trying to prove that I could still ‘do it all’. But what we really need at this time is to be gentle with ourselves. So take a step back, do what you need to do and no more. Allow yourself to feel however you feel and let go of expectation, judgement and pressure. Also, don’t be scared to say no. If things are tough and you don’t want visitors just say so…you’re allowed to! Most people will understand that at this early stage you need space to bond and settle in and if they don’t understand then it’s tough! You and baby come first.


3) Make baby your priority

Looking after your baby is a full time job and will take up most of your time, especially if you’re breastfeeding. By making baby your priority and letting the other things go (such as doing the housework) you will feel emotionally stronger and more equipped to deal with the demands of a

newborn. Use your support system and let them help you. Have others cook for you and do the housework and just concentrate on looking after baby…and of course YOU!


4) Wear your baby!

Imagine what it’s like for a newborn baby: You’ve been cosy inside of the womb for 9 months and then suddenly you are born into the world and you feel vulnerable as you become used to your new surroundings, sensations and physical needs. Newborns understandably want to be close to mummy and nature intended it to be this way, but of course it can be demanding if your baby wants to be held all of the time. So what’s the answer? Wear your baby!! There are many baby wraps and slings available at a reasonable cost and believe me when I say they are LIFESAVERS! So when your baby won’t settle anywhere else but with you, grab the sling and wear your baby as you go throughout your day. No matter how unsettled my baby is, the moment I put him in the sling he calms down and usually falls asleep, leaving me with both hands free to do what I need to do…like write this blog! The sling creates a womb like environment, helping baby to feel comfortable and secure and helping you to remain sane.


5) Do what makes you feel nice

Just because you have a newborn, it doesn’t mean that the days of looking after yourself have gone and that you can never pamper yourself ever again…it just means there’s a lot less time to spend on these things. Looking after a baby can be anything but glamorous: You have breast milk down your top, baby sick on your shoulder and it seems that there’s never enough time to take a bath, let alone pamper yourself. Well here is where your support system comes in. I find that taking half an hour out a couple of times a week (at least) whilst my partner or family look after the baby gives me time to do something for me that just helps me to feel renewed and ready to continue with the demands of parenting. So whether it’s a bubble bath, putting on a bit of makeup, painting your nails, meditating, doing some yoga, reading a magazine or taking a nice nap, it can make the world of difference.


6) Toughen up – babies cry!

My baby was extremely peaceful and content for the first 2 weeks of his life. All he did was eat and sleep and the only time he cried was when we changed his nappy. Then around 2 weeks old he ‘woke up’ and realised he had a voice! He still doesn’t cry a lot; however he absolutely has his moments where he is unsettled and crying for no apparent reason…and it’s hard at first. As his mother I hate to see him cry and all I want to do is fix things for him. I found it extremely difficult hearing him cry and it felt like it was breaking my heart at times. I would cry too and I felt like I couldn’t handle it! Sure, I can cope with the practical demands of parenting, but the emotional? That’s TOUGH! Then my midwife gave me an excellent piece of advice: Toughen up because babies cry! When I stopped associating his cries with there being something wrong I was able to feel stronger and get through the unsettled evenings with him crying, without crying myself! Of course I would check to see if he needed to be fed or changed etc, but if not then all you can do is comfort your crying baby, realise that it’s completely normal and wait for the storm to pass.


7) Get out of the house!

It can be very easy to hibernate when you have a newborn. After all, there’s so much to do and it can take so much work and effort just to get you and baby ready for an outing. However, being stuck in (especially in the winter months) can feel very depressing. Even going out for a walk every day gives you a change of scenery, some lovely fresh air and a whole new perspective on things. Also, the motion of the pram can soothe baby and settle them into sleep so it’s a win-win! It’s natural to feel nervous about going out, especially on your own, but I promise you’ll feel better for it and baby will enjoy it too. You may even meet other new mums on your outings!


8) Sleep when baby sleeps

Everyone tells you this, but it honestly really does help! In the beginning I used the time my baby was sleeping during the day to tidy the house, but after a couple of weeks of very little sleep I started to feel absolutely awful and realised that I had to sleep when baby sleeps…for my own sanity! You have to simply forget time, forget that each day is divided into night and day and just grab some sleep when you can, whatever time of day it is.


9) Be organised and think ahead

Night feeds can be a killer. You wake up exhausted in the middle of the night to feed your baby and the last thing you want to be doing is trying to find your breastfeeding pillow…so get everything ready before you go to bed and it will make things much easier. Every night I make sure I have everything I need such as my breastfeeding pillow, a glass of water and a full stock of nappies and wipes on the changing table for when I need them.


10) It doesn’t have to be depressing…

Waking up in the middle of the night when you’re exhausted can get you down (especially on those cold winter nights!) so do what you can to make your surroundings as nice as possible. I find it easier for now to sleep and feed my baby in the spare bedroom so I have made that room my sanctuary. In the middle of the night when my baby needs to be fed I turn on the lamp, put the tv on, grab my breastfeeding pillow, get comfortable and I’m set to go. I used to feed in the baby’s room in the rocking chair (which is lovely!) but I started to feel that all I was doing was rocking back and forth in silence, apart from the ticking clock reminding me of the time…NOT FUN! Now it feels much better and I even enjoy the feeds once I’m awake and in the swing of it. Even if I’m not watching the tv, it helps to have some sound and lifts my mood. Do what works for you – just make your environment as relaxing and comforting as possible and it will make those nights easier.


So there you have it…my top tips for getting through the first month! Remember that you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be a superwoman and you don’t have to be anything other than who you are. You are learning and finding your way, just as all mums are…give yourself a break and enjoy the journey! J (…and I will try to take my own advice!!)

Calm Childbirth! Are you or any of your friends expecting? Here are our top tips :-)

bigstock-Beautiful-pregnant-woman-relax-34971539Welcome! Congratulations if you are already expecting!! Being pregnant and giving birth can be a truly magical and powerful experience, so here are our top ten tips to help you or your friend along a little! Remember this though… everyone has inherent wisdom and knowledge already to have a calm childbirth, aren’t you amazing?! Our calm childbirth hypnobirthing audio can be found on the App Store, i tunes, website and all major online retailers if you fancy a great bit of relaxation, woo

1)      Learn the art of self -hypnosis. Our Calm Childbirth hypnosis audio teaches you to feel more calm, centred and in control during your pregnancy and labour through powerful visualisations, positive affirmations and relaxation techniques. Hypnotherapy has wonderful therapeutic benefits and can shorten the length of labour, reduce the need for drugs or intervention, promote lactation, help you enhance positive feelings about childbirth and increase the bond between you and your baby. So get practicing for the most wonderful day of your life!

2)      Trust in your body. Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time without drugs or intervention.  Caesarean births are much higher than they should be and there is still a tendency for women to give birth lying on their back within our hospitals. Your body and your baby will tell you what to do so just trust your natural instincts, this may involve: moving around; being in a place with dim lighting; immersing yourself in water or giving birth vertically rather than horizontally.

3)      Surround yourself with the right people. It would be a great idea if you found a midwife that is either supportive of hypnobirthing or even does it themselves. You also have the option of hiring a doula, who will help you through the discomfort and act of your behalf when it comes to interacting with medical professionals. If neither of these options is possible then definitely choose a birthing partner who will support and comfort you at every stage of your experience.

4)      Choose a healthy diet. Cutting out refined foods and sugars will increase your energy and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and swelling. It will also keep you fit and healthy for both your pregnancy and birth.

5)      Sign up for prenatal yoga. You could check out your local classes or buy a DVD and practice from home. I would recommend Tara Lee’s Pregnancy Health DVD and found this to be very helpful and accessible. Yoga can help you control your breathing, open your hips for childbirth, improve strength and flexibility and relieve aches and pains. Your local hospital may also run free physiotherapy classes where they can teach you the correct posture during pregnancy and help you avoid back pain and sciatica.

6)      Explore complementary therapies like pregnancy reflexology, acupuncture or homeopathy. These may help relieve any anxiety, reduce discomfort, reduce the length of time in labour, help the baby arrive on time and increase overall wellbeing.

7)      Start to connect with your baby. Talking to your baby can help strengthen your bond on a deep level and help he or she get to know your voice. You can talk to your little one about your plans for the day, how you feel about meeting them for the first time, play little games, say ‘I love you’ and massage your belly.

8)      Write a birth plan. This not only helps your midwife know your requirements but helps you set your intention for a smooth childbirth and enhances your visualisation skills as to what you want to happen on the day.

9)      Start making friends now. You can join free birthing classes at your hospital or find an independent birth preparation course during your pregnancy, which will help you find support and form friendships for when the baby is born.

10)   Keep an open mind. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and intervention or drugs are necessary. If you are finding it difficult or too overwhelming then actually certain drugs like the epidural can allow the pelvis to relax and do its job more effectively by relieving any discomfort so the baby can descend more easily.  Whatever happens, having a healthy baby in your arms in the most important and awesome part of it all!


bigstock-Beautiful-pregnant-woman-relax-34971539Why are my car keys in the fridge? A bad case of baby brain during pregnancy! Pregnancy Blog

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently 22 (or is it 23 weeks?) pregnant and am having the worst case of baby brain known to man. I’m missing appointments, forgetting things, calling people by the wrong names, losing EVERYTHING and feel incapable of stringing together a simple sentence. To be honest even writing this blog is taking it out of me. I had to eat 19 pieces of toast to gear myself up for such an intense cognitive task. Having a 2 year old doesn’t help strengthen those all important neural pathways as I spend 11 hours a day talking with Poppy’s Makka Pakka and Upsy Daisy dollies (sorry to anyone not from the UK who isn’t familiar with ‘In The Night Garden’ 😉 So as to not lose all my clients, friends and husband….well clients and friends…. my enormous bump and I decided to take it upon ourselves to find out why I’m such a little scatterbrain. The answer made me feel much better… it’s to make me a good mother! According to a psychologist in California, due to fluctuations in hormones and fetal movements, pregnant women can experience absent mindedness but it means they will be able to concentrate more effectively on the newborn’s needs after the birth. ! Phew, forgetting I took my child to the supermarket yet again is only to make me a better mummy in the long run. Only joking  I just thought I would reassure any pregnant women out there who are also feeling as woolly headed as I am that it’s perfectly normal. My advice is not to give yourself a hard time but have a giggle at the silly things you do and go with the flow. After all it’s such a precious time and your baby will appreciate you being a bit relaxed and dreamy. So the next time you find your car keys in the fridge you can have a right old chuckle and look forward to doing even sillier things when your newborn baby likes to come alive at 2am every morning 😉
Lots of love to all you expectant mothers.
Sam and bump x

When life gives you lemons, grab some Tequila and Salt! (or maybe just make some lemonade)

We’ve all had those days when things just don’t seem to go our way. You wake up late, miss your train, work’s a nightmare, you get home late, there’s nothing to cook for dinner and the kids are screaming…you get my point!!! But is there a point where we can turn things around? Well yes, I believe so!

The law of attraction states that what we think about, we bring about. What we focus on, we manifest in our outer world. So when something goes ‘wrong’, your reaction to that situation and the emotion and energy you put into it is creating the rest of your day and actually the rest of your life.

Now of course it’s only natural when something isn’t flowing for us, to initially become frustrated, angry or upset…BUT if you can take a step back and look at the situation from a different angle, I bet you would feel a whole lot better and you wouldn’t carry that frustrated energy around with you throughout the rest of your day! Perhaps easier said than done you think?

Well, it’s all about perception. No THING can actually make you feel negative, but rather your perception of that situation or experience that can spark off the emotion. So let’s say you’re stuck in traffic; one person may go into a rage and spend the whole time in traffic feeling angry and then the rest of their day feeling miserable. Another person may initially feel irritated by the situation, but then take a step back from it and decide to make the most of it by putting on the radio and having a sing-along or calling a friend for a catch up (hands free of course!) or just simply BEING. It’s all about how you CHOOSE to look at the situation. You may not be able to change what’s happened, but you can definitely change your perception of it.

If you’re finding it difficult to put this into practice just ask yourself “is this really going to matter in a week’s time? A year’s time? 5 years? 10 years?” Most things probably won’t. The majority of things we worry about never even happen and the majority of things we feel stressed about really aren’t that important, yet we seem to waste so much time and energy on them.

Life is full of ups and downs and there will obviously be times when you find yourself in a situation that is genuinely upsetting or difficult to deal with, BUT learn to let the little things go, enjoy life and spend more time in the present and not only will you generally feel a whole lot happier and much more relaxed, but you’ll feel so much stronger when you are faced with a real challenge.

If you find yourself feeling regularly stressed out, it’s so important to take some steps right now to bring down those stress levels. You could meditate daily, listen to a self hypnosis recording, practice Yoga or just simply begin by taking half an hour EVERY day to just simply BE. You don’t need to hurry through life, your life is special and important and the more relaxed you feel on the inside, the more easily things will flow on the outside.

So relax, let go of the little things and enjoy life!

With lots of love and blessings to you, my beautiful Soul Sisters! Nicola xxx