Fertility and Hypnobirthing

Welcome to our Aluna Moon Birthing page: a community designed to teach you how Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Authentic Living can help you to conceive naturally, enjoy a positive pregnancy and experience a calm childbirth.

We at Aluna Moon believe that the journey from conception to birth can absolutely be a calm, relaxing and joyful experience and that this is actually how it’s MEANT to be! As Hypnotherapists, we have witnessed women feeling anxious and stressed about their fertility, pregnancy and birth and so we decided to create a range of self hypnosis Apps and MP3s to help every woman feel calm, centred and in control throughout the whole journey. We even offer audios for new time mums to help you through your journey into motherhood.

We created Aluna Moon Publishing in 2013; a company that creates self hypnosis and meditation Apps and MP3s especially for Women. Shortly after, Aluna Moon Birthing was born as we had a particular passion for fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. Samantha is a mummy of two young children and has used hypnosis to conceive and give birth successfully. Samantha gave birth to her second child Elliot in a 10 minute active labour without even gas and air and Nicola gave birth to her lovely son Eden successfully at home.

So whether you are planning to become pregnant soon, struggling to conceive, just found out you’re expecting, well on the way to giving birth or already a mummy, we can help enhance your experience through our Self Hypnosis Apps and MP3S. You can download one of our fertility or birthing audios directly from our SHOP or visit us at the App Store, iTunes, and Amazon

What are others saying?

‘After suffering a miscarriage at 12.5 weeks earlier this year, I have been trying to conceive since. But every month that it doesn’t happen I can feel my stress levels going through the roof. This app (female fertility) is really helping to calm me and think positively! Will update if I conceive! 

UPDATE: After one month of using this app I had completely retrained my mind to think positively and finally conceived after 5 unsuccessful cycles! I am so very thankful to the ladies at Isis Blu for the gift they have given me. Would def recommend this app if you are feeling tense about fertility. The change in me has been amazing.”
– by Eeay1        

“I recently gave birth to my first child and laboured at home for several hours using this app (Calm Childbirth). It definitely helped keep me calm and by the time I was ready for hospital I was totally in the zone. The midwives commented on how calm I was throughout my labour. I didn’t start using it until I was around 36 weeks and played it once or twice a week whilst in the bath or lying down. I had tried other relaxation CDs before but preferred the voice/accent on this. Would definitely recommend giving it a go and good luck!”
by Lynseybob

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